2012 Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Individual All Around Champion - Kohei Uchimura

Kohei’s schedule from now on:

  • 19th September - Returning to his hometown Isahaya, Nagasaki and take part in a celebratory parade
  • 2nd-4th November - All-Japan Championship in Tokyo (Team competition and event finals) 
  • 15th, 16th December - Toyota International Gymnastics Cup in Toyota

That means he’ll still be competing this year and hopefully his injury is not too severe and will recover enough by the end of the year! 

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Kohei Uchimura won the first competition since the London Olympics in a fully-packed hall, attributed to Uchimura’s popularity

Kohei Uchimura (KONAMI) who won the Men’s All-Around Gold medal in the London Olympics, competed in the (All-Japan Men’s Artistic Gymnastics for Working Adults) competition - the first since the end of the Games. While bearing an injury in his right shoulder, he perfected his pommel-horse dismount and cast aside “traumatic” Olympic thoughts, topping the scores for 2 events on floor and vault and also winning the all-around and team competitions. This is his first championship win of the competition, as he was forced to pull out after 4 events due to injury last year.

Since the injury he now sustains in his right shoulder originated from fatigue, he will not be competing in the World Cup this year, although he plans to compete in the All-Japan national team competition. 

"It’s a thumping pain, so much so that I felt like it won’t go away even after medical treatment. I want to rest properly today," he said, wanting to give his shoulder a rest first and foremost. 

His fellow teammate from KONAMI and the London Olympics team that won the team silver medal, Yusuke Tanaka was in 2nd place, while Kenya Kobayashi took the 3rd position. 

Uchimura was chosen in a survey as the Olympic athlete people were most excited about, and such was proven when more than 300 people in Sagamihara city queued for the 200 available same-day tickets. The hall was fully packed with 1,600 spectators, creating a hot and enthusiastic atmosphere.   

"When I entered into the hall, people were applauding excitedly…I didn’t know what I was supposed to do," he said bashfully. "I’m happy for the popularity at the Olympics. I may not know what to do with it, but I want to express my gratitude towards everybody." 

After the competition ended, he smiled and waved to the audience in the stands. It was an engagement that came hand-in-hand with becoming the nation’s ace. 


London 2012 Olympics - Floor Exercise Final

That’s pressure though, isn’t it?
That’s pressure though, isn’t it?

The first gymnast (male or female) to win every major all-around title in a single quadrennium.

The first gymnast (male or female) to win every major all-around title in a single quadrennium.

Kohei being totally, absolutely, decisively adamant about not feeling pressured…!

Kohei: …it was painful.

Sanma (host): When you were on our show previously (before the Olympics), you said that you didn’t feel the pressure at all…but seems like you were burdened by that feeling the most.

Kohei: I didn’t feel the pressure to such an extent, it was more like an internal struggle.

Sanma: That’s pressure though, isn’t it?


Kohei: I don’t see that as pressure.

Sanma: No pressure at all?

Kohei: Even now, I don’t understand what that means.


Sakurai: Morisue-san, his performances were wonderful, weren’t they?

Morisue: They were wonderful, but…not feeling pressured…surely he was, right?! Let’s be honest now…! 

Kohei: But I don’t understand…


Morisue: Maybe that’s because he’s never ever felt pressured before.

Sanma: So Uchimura-kun, you were always confident (about the appeal)?

Kohei: I wasn’t confident about it. 

Sanma: Huh? You already thought you would lose?

Kohei: I kept thinking, “Oh no, we can’t win this”. I thought we couldn’t get it. 

Sanma: Really? So that means you lost out to pressure, then?

Kohei: No, that wasn’t pressure.


Sanma: He won’t admit it till the end!