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Kohei Uchimura won the first competition since the London Olympics in a fully-packed hall, attributed to Uchimura’s popularity

Kohei Uchimura (KONAMI) who won the Men’s All-Around Gold medal in the London Olympics, competed in the (All-Japan Men’s Artistic Gymnastics for Working Adults) competition - the first since the end of the Games. While bearing an injury in his right shoulder, he perfected his pommel-horse dismount and cast aside “traumatic” Olympic thoughts, topping the scores for 2 events on floor and vault and also winning the all-around and team competitions. This is his first championship win of the competition, as he was forced to pull out after 4 events due to injury last year.

Since the injury he now sustains in his right shoulder originated from fatigue, he will not be competing in the World Cup this year, although he plans to compete in the All-Japan national team competition. 

"It’s a thumping pain, so much so that I felt like it won’t go away even after medical treatment. I want to rest properly today," he said, wanting to give his shoulder a rest first and foremost. 

His fellow teammate from KONAMI and the London Olympics team that won the team silver medal, Yusuke Tanaka was in 2nd place, while Kenya Kobayashi took the 3rd position. 

Uchimura was chosen in a survey as the Olympic athlete people were most excited about, and such was proven when more than 300 people in Sagamihara city queued for the 200 available same-day tickets. The hall was fully packed with 1,600 spectators, creating a hot and enthusiastic atmosphere.   

"When I entered into the hall, people were applauding excitedly…I didn’t know what I was supposed to do," he said bashfully. "I’m happy for the popularity at the Olympics. I may not know what to do with it, but I want to express my gratitude towards everybody." 

After the competition ended, he smiled and waved to the audience in the stands. It was an engagement that came hand-in-hand with becoming the nation’s ace. 


Kohei being totally, absolutely, decisively adamant about not feeling pressured…!

Kohei: …it was painful.

Sanma (host): When you were on our show previously (before the Olympics), you said that you didn’t feel the pressure at all…but seems like you were burdened by that feeling the most.

Kohei: I didn’t feel the pressure to such an extent, it was more like an internal struggle.

Sanma: That’s pressure though, isn’t it?


Kohei: I don’t see that as pressure.

Sanma: No pressure at all?

Kohei: Even now, I don’t understand what that means.


Sakurai: Morisue-san, his performances were wonderful, weren’t they?

Morisue: They were wonderful, but…not feeling pressured…surely he was, right?! Let’s be honest now…! 

Kohei: But I don’t understand…


Morisue: Maybe that’s because he’s never ever felt pressured before.

Sanma: So Uchimura-kun, you were always confident (about the appeal)?

Kohei: I wasn’t confident about it. 

Sanma: Huh? You already thought you would lose?

Kohei: I kept thinking, “Oh no, we can’t win this”. I thought we couldn’t get it. 

Sanma: Really? So that means you lost out to pressure, then?

Kohei: No, that wasn’t pressure.


Sanma: He won’t admit it till the end! 

Translating a few post-Olympic reports from chankayosnow

All credit goes to her! 

SHOW No.1: Mezamashi

Quiz - Who is the most […..] member in the Japan team?

The majority will answer using fans!

Question: Who is the most hardworking when it comes to practice?

After peeking at other members’ answers, Kohei also picked himself

Kohei gave a big laugh

Host: So, you acknowledge the fact that you’re the most hardworking?

Kohei: I believe in the fact that anyone who works the hardest in the world, will be the best in the world. 

Question: Among the team members, who’s the most popular amongst women?


Everybody chose Ryohei, except for Ryohei himself

When Ryohei looked at everyone’s answers, he muttered, “That’s a lie!”

Ryohei chose Kohei

Ryohei: Surely Kohei’s the most popular among women because he’s a superstar.

Hearing that, Kohei hid his face behind the fan



The youngest member of the team at the age of 18, Ryohei Kato, revealed an unexpected side of his senior, Kohei

Ryohei: Kohei really likes to meddle with people’s stuff…for example, he likes to hide our belongings on purpose!

Kohei laughed

Host: What do you think of a senior like him?

Ryohei: Well, it’s interesting that we kind of share the same point of view (on things)

Kohei: (laughs) We share a lot of things in common, so I regard him like my younger brother. 

Ryohei: Haha!



Kohei after the AA award ceremony

[Kohei: The medal’s heavy, and it shines the brightest]

Kohei was curious as to the how much the medals would weigh

Kohei: Since I got three medals, I took a scale and measured their weights

Host: You weighed them?

Kohei: They weigh 1.24 kilogram

He weighed them again for the show

The gold medal alone weighs 430 grams

Host: Will you be interested to know how much you’ll get if the medals are converted into money?

Kohei: Ah yes, a little bit (laughs)

Host: The total sum is around 51,497 yen 

Kohei: So it is…I’m a little shocked! (laughs)


SHOW No.4: NHK morning news

When the cameras were changing, Kohei’s earplugs weren’t put in properly

He seemed anxious!


Kohei: At first, eventhough we moved from the 4th place to 2nd, I couldn’t feel happy because that was the event that we aimed for a gold medal. But, apart from me, the other 4 members in the team are in their first Olympics…I too had a lot of fun in my first Olympics in Beijing. So when I think about the other 4 members’ feelings, no matter if we get 2nd place or 4th - the fact that all 5 of us were able to get silver together, it is something to feel happy about. 

Question: You were smiling happily here. How did it feel to be on the highest spot on the podium? 

Kohei: I’ve been on that position 4 times now…but the spot on the Olympic podium was definitely the highest (grins broadly)

Question: Did you get to see a nice view from there?

Kohei: Yes, it was an amazing view (grins) Yes.

Interviewer: Is there any Japanese food that you want to eat right now?

Ryohei: I’ve always loved yakiniku (grilled meat)

Interviewer: How do you like it?

Ryohei: I love tongue. 

Interviewer: How about you, Yusuke?

Yusuke: Yakiniku as well, especially steak. 

Interviewer: How about the older brother?

Kazuhito: Well, we don’t go out here…so, any Japanese food will do.

Interviewer: The stomach is very accepting…

Kazuhito: Yes.

Interviewer: How about Uchimura?

Kohei: I love yakiniku too.

Interviewer: How do you like your meat?

Kohei: First class ribs.

Interviewer: What were you thinking about when the Chinese gymnasts were receiving their team gold medals?

Kohei: I thought it was just like it was 4 years ago, and I looked on with envy. 

Interviewer: During that time, did you feel like you needed to get the gold for the All-Around?

Kohei: I hadn’t thought about it like that at that time. Merely, “It will be nice to win it.”

Interviewer: And now, you did win it. How is it?

Kohei: The moment I received the gold medal, I really couldn’t believe it. I’m happy to finally be an Olympic gold medalist but on the other hand, the achievement can be a little burdensome.

Interviewer: Because of the pressure that comes with it?

Kohei: Yes.

Interviewer: All of you are very calm, but have you ever gotten very excited and go “YAY~!” usually? Ah, excuse me…I got a little excited myself. 


Kohei: Of course. 

Interviewer: For example?

Kohei: Like when I got the Garigari-kun winning stick.

[Garigari-kun is a popular ice popsicle, where the winning stick can get you another popsicle for free or other gifts, lol]

Interviewer: How about Kato?

Ryohei: Because of my concentration during the games, I usually go “Yay” quietly.

Interviewer: You’re a university student?

Ryohei: Yes.

Interviewer: You must be really popular among girls.

Ryohei: Ah no, that’s not the case. 

Interviewer: It must be really tiring from now on.

Ryohei: Well, I live about my life quietly.

Interviewer: Did you get starstruck in London, meeting other athletes?

Kohei: I really wanted to meet Usain Bolt.

Interviewer: How did it go?

Kohei: I didn’t get to meet him…

Interviewer: Because the venues were different…

Kohei: Yes. But, I was able to meet Tyson Gay.

Interviewer: Oh, the track runner? 

Kohei: I was really excited, I was all “Uwaaa~!” 


Kazuhito: I had asked Japan’s volleyball player Saori Kimura to take a picture of us Tanaka siblings. But because she was so tall, the picture was taken from a view that had never been taken before…


Kazuhito: All of us had to look way up at the camera.

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[Honest impression of the London Olympics]

Kohei: It was painful, wasn’t it? Truly. Before going (to London), my body condition was really good and I felt that I was able to perform well…but it didn’t really turn out that way. Honestly, I felt that I was fighting with something while having to compete at the same time. I have no choice but to say that the experience was painful. 

Kohei: Since training for the games, I felt that there was so much at stake at the Olympics. I usually don’t feel like that - I’d just practice as usual, even for the World Championships where I’d just practice like it’s just another competition. But apparently, the Olympics was indeed different. Perhaps because of my thinking so, I may have exerted too much of my strength while performing. 

[The demon on his back during the Olympics]

Kohei: He was there, yes. Even when I moved according to what my mind told me to, I still made mistakes. I told myself, “It must have been the demon’s doing…” 

[The team getting a silver medal]

Kohei: To be honest, even if it was frustrating, we understood from the beginning that we could not win if we made the slightest mistakes. We got an Olympic silver medal due to everyone’s effort, so right now I feel both frustrated and happy.

Kohei: When I got into my first Olympics, it was really fun. But come the 2nd time, and the 3rd, and another, I felt like I was supposed to go out and battle against something instead. 

[Getting the gold medal in the All-Around Final]

Kohei: I really feel that it wasn’t only me who got the gold medal, everybody in the team got it too. 

Kohei: I’m happy about the gold, but Koji got injured in this Olympics. We had wanted to perform together, and to go up the podium together. I felt that the person who was disappointed the most was Koji himself, so I felt that I definitely needed to win the gold to cheer him up and give it back to Japan. 

Coach Takahiro Morizumi: Kohei’s never been the type to be fixated about winning, but he seemed worried and said in the morning of the AA competition day, that he wanted to leave out the Kolman release move. I thought, he must have really wanted to win this. 

Kohei: After I got my gold medal, Koji said, “Wow, you’re an Olympic gold medalist now, I can’t believe it…!”

Kohei: Koji doesn’t look like someone who got injured - he never gives up and I still want to perform with him in 4 years time. 

[Thoughts gained from the Olympics?]

Kohei: I made mistakes at places where I usually don’t, and it made me think that gymnastics is indeed difficult. But at the same time, it made me want to pursue the sport further. I thought there was still a lot of things that I needed to learn. 

Kohei: I believe that the results will follow if I perform steadily at competitions year by year, and there’s still the Rio Olympics. Frustrations at the Olympics can only be rectified at an Olympic level, I think. 

[His aim from here on out]

Kohei: If the 2020 Olympics takes place in Tokyo, I will continue my Olympics career. Tokyo hosted the World Championships and I truly understand how it can be an advantage to compete on home grounds, so I would like to experience such an Olympic game. I will be 31 years old by then, but as long as I have the vigor and determination, I don’t think age will matter. So if it’s Tokyo, I will continue on. 

Kohei: I would like to thank everybody for their support. If it weren’t for the strength of your support, I don’t think we were able to obtain the medals at the Olympics. Although it was frustrating to have only gotten silver for the team, again we will channel that frustration into hard work. Please continue supporting us.

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Kohei: Thank you for everyone’s support in London. Gymnastics wasn’t exactly a popular sport, but so many people had come and cheered for us during the London Olympics that I believe that gymnastics has now become popular. The next national competition, our ‘victorious return tour’…


Kohei:…please do come (laughs). I also aim at going to the Rio Olympics, but before that I will work hard and face competitions one by one as they come. Please continue showing your support. 

Some interesting Kohei bits from these clips supermura uploaded I thought worth sharing:

  • He and Koji are very close, so much so that Kohei thinks Koji understands him more than his parents do
  • Shinji Morisue (the interviewer) and Koji talk about how they get extremely nervous the day before competitions, but Kohei says that he actually feels like he can’t wait to compete and that sometimes he even forgets that the competition is the next day - Morisue basically thinks Kohei’s crazy
  • During competitions, he doesn’t will his body to start moving to perform this and that - it’s more like his body will move on its own accord
  • Both Kohei and Koji love clothes
  • Kohei doesn’t like to show off his muscles - he prefers hiding them
  • He likes Korean idol girl groups like KARA and Syoujo Jidai (SNSD) 
  • He’s single and not dating anyone 
  • Koji used to play soccer before doing gymnastics and says he’s a better soccer player than Kohei
  • Kohei says he’s bad at soccer and swimming and an average runner, but he has a very good sense of where he is in the air when he’s doing gymnastics
  • He’s always liked gymnastics since he was little because he’s able to see an aerial view of everything that can’t normally be seen, which he finds fascinating
  • But he hates high places and he can’t ride roller-coasters because he hates the feeling of nosediving - he doesn’t consider heights in gymnastics in the same manner and Morisue basically thinks Kohei is a difficult person to understand because he sees and defines things differently than normal people

Kohei: Thank you very much for giving us such overwhelming support. Also, I would like to apologize for making everybody worry about our performance during the qualifications. Although it’s regrettable to have only gotten a silver medal, for me, the fact that we were able to display a great show of teamwork is worth more than a gold medal. 

Ryohei: In London, I had promised myself to defeat Kohei Uchimura one day. As for the team competitions, I will work hard with the team to get the gold medal for Japan be it in the World Championships or the Olympics. 

Host: What do you think about Kato saying that he wants to defeat you one day?

Kohei: In 4 years time, I think he will be the strongest competitor. If possible, I would like for us to compete for the same gold medal on the same stage. 

[Suprise guests, the band called Yuzu]

Yuzu: We will be playing the musical accompaniment, it would be great if Uchimura could sing the song for us. 

Host: Ah, I see…!

Kohei: No, I can’t! I can’t! 

Yuzu: It’s too much of a challenge. 

[ Yuzu singing 栄光の架橋 - the Japanese theme song for Athens 2004 ] 

Kohei: (Team Japan’s win in Athens) 8 years ago moved me and left a very deep impression on me. We wanted to recreate that excitement for the Olympics this time, but we couldn’t do so, and we have to wait for another 4 years. To hear that song again, it gives us the inspiration to work hard.

Number Plus interview summary

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Question: You had said that you came into the Olympics with a different feeling that it might have affected your performance. 

Kohei: The London Olympics took 4 years to arrive since Beijing. My condition has been very good, so I still think that I want to perform better than what I’ve been doing up till now. 

Question: Were you very demanding on yourself? 

Kohei: At any rate, there were many things that I did not and could not perform during practice. In all the events - the team competition, the all-around, the event finals - I don’t and can’t do 2 patterned performances. So, I think I shouldn’t really be too demanding on myself. 

Question: What would you have done in order to win against your rival, China?

[In the gymnasium, there’s a hung piece of paper showing the point spread between the team and China]

Kohei: To have raised our difficulty levels in floor and high bar routines, which may have an effect on our scores. However, we do not regret our decision on our start value.

Question: Was the Olympics different than the 2009 World Championships (in London)?

Kohei: It felt like coming to a completely different place - my feelings were almost irrepressibly overwhelming. Since I didn’t feel like that during this period of 4 years, it became as if I wasn’t sure which ‘gear’ I should have used. 

Question: About feeling as if a demon was chasing you during the Olympics…

Kohei: During the tournament, I received emails from friends and I didn’t reply saying “I’ll work hard” - I replied with “I’ll chase the demon away.”

Question: How did that feeling come and attack you?

Kohei: Hmm, how should I put it…whenever I felt like I was already pretty good to go, the feeling would come. The demon would counter back and say things like I wasn’t prepared - the feeling hit me like “whap!”

Question: Regarding the revival from the team competition to the all-around final…

Kohei: Because it was the all-around final, I wanted to perform well as I wanted to show once again that Japan was strong. So, I felt that I was doing it for the country, not for myself. 

Question: So for you, the team performing well is better than the joy of winning by yourself?

Kohei: When the Japanese flag was rising, I could see how it made people so happy - it wasn’t about my own joy, but the joy that everybody felt. 

Question: How is the current Kohei Uchimura reflected as? 

Kohei: Well, I guess I’ve always said that I should be someone who should go and perform properly.  People have said that I did well and that they were moved (by my performances), and as for me…wait, this is no good, I don’t want to sound silly!

Question: You don’t feel self-congratulatory?

Kohei: No. I feel like I can always do better. Therefore, my thoughts on gymnastics never change. I believe that there are no such things like burning out or hating what I do. 

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There is actually a similarity between gold medalists Kohei Uchimura (23) and judoka Kaori Matsumoto (24) - they eat a very unbalanced diet.

At the Beijing Olympics, Uchimura had said things such as, “My favorite foods are chocolate and banana” and “I don’t like vegetables”, and it seems that even now his unbalanced diet remains the same - he brought 3 boxes of his favorite Black Thunder chocolates (60 bars) with him to London. His meals provided at the athlete’s village were invariably untouched, “I’m grateful to McDonald’s.”

"My physical condition is perfect," he said with a smile. "I entered the KONAMI company last year in April and although the nutritionist gives us prepared meals for dinner, my breakfast and lunch consist of junk food, cup ramen, and especially sweets. I also smoke. Kaori Matsumoto’s father is her nutritionist but she also loves ice cream, potato chips and fried food. Her father’s been sending her frozen food for the last 3 years so there’s a little improvement but I guess she still eats sweets as guilty pleasure." 

Athletes are given accurately balanced and calculated meals, so it’s an irony that the 2 athletes who have such ‘freedom’ with their diets are gold medalists. 

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"Please show your support to me in the stadium" - Kohei Uchimura

After the Kouzuki Awards Ceremony, Kohei Uchimura, who received 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals at the Olympic Games, said, “There was a girl who chased me with her bicycle all the way from the parking lot to my house. I felt a bit scared that she followed me home.”

After the Olympics, even to his surprise, there is an Uchimura fever especially amongst women. “Lately, it has been very hot outside, so I wear my sunglasses all the way to the gym.” Even so, it looks like he actually might be disguising himself? It’s a situation where revealing oneself may cause a disturbance. 

"I am happy to receive so much support, but cheering on me in the stadium will be sufficient," he said. 

"Japan received an unprecedented Olympic best with 38 medals, and it is an honor for me to be a part of it. From now on too, I will work hard with all my might." He emanated his ‘top athlete’ vibe when he said that he wanted to show a renewed form for the Rio Olympics. On the other side of the room, reporters were diligently taking down notes - since his return from London, his name has been happily called out everywhere, was pursued by girls on bikes and was faced with other extreme fan conducts.

"A junior high school girl called out ‘Excuse me ~ !’ while chasing after me. I wanted to say sorry…I’m not used to situations like that.” Even the normally calm 23 year old seemed amazed.

Homare Sawa (silver medalist in the women’s football team) who was on the same bus as Uchimura when the Olympic medalists gathered for a parade before 500,000 people in Ginza, laughed and said, “People were going crazy for Uchimura during the parade!” Fans who cheer for him exploded in amount, and various encouraging items were prepared by them. Such overwhelming support is also evident during gynnastics competitions. 

In a heartwarming fan encounter which leaves a deep impression, a grandma who is a fan was asked in front of the KONAMI gymnasium if meeting Uchimura would be a pleasant memory that she could take to the afterlife. She hoped meeting him would give her longevity instead. On the other hand, persistent fans also seem to have increased. “After the Beijing Olympics, there were fans waiting around my university dorm but it wasn’t as bad,” Uchimura said, wishing for a peaceful everyday life. 

Practice will also pile up for the Japan Championships next month, “I no longer feel fatigued, and I want to try and see how far my body will go.” 

Since returning to Japan, he has been vigilantly watching and analyzing his London Olympics performances on video. “While watching back my performances, I found myself laughing…! It’s not that they were funny, but because I shouldn’t have made the mistakes I did. Nevertheless, I will reorganize myself and revel in fact that I earned the medal,” he said positively.

When asked the question of what he wants to do now that the Olympics are over, he said, ”To get back to a quiet life.” 


"I got chased by a girl near my house (laughs) She was riding a bike and she noticed me when she was passing by me. She then started chasing after me, but I got scared so I quickly went into my house."
Kohei Uchimura (x)

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Interviewer: The Olympic gymnastics team members who obtained silver medals for the country are here today. Congratulations on your achievement.

All: (solemnly) Thank you.

Interviewer: Are you all a little tired today?

All: Yes (laughs)

Interviewer: First of all, we had asked people on the street to give their opinions about the London Olympic Games. One of the questions was, what do they think is the most touching moment? Let’s hear it.


Couple: The Tanaka siblings’ handshake after the games.

Man: Uchimura’s stuck landing in vault. 

Woman: (Uchimura’s) impressive vault.

Kids: Watching Kohei Uchimura perform!…Floor! Floor! (Because) he did a lot of twists and turns.

Woman: After he finished his floor routine, he looked relieved. That was the best.

Boy: His twists and turns are beautiful.

[End video]

Interviewer: So that was on Uchimura’s vault, and the floor routine that earned him the gold medal. Yusuke and Ryohei, you both wear the expressions that say that Kohei’s performance was perfect. What do you think, Yusuke?

Yusuke: It was perfect, wasn’t it? I had goosebumps watching him. 

Ryohei: It was exciting. Watching Kohei’s landings, I got the motivation to practice harder so that my landings will be like that. I thought it was great that (watching him) would make me think as such. 

Interviewer: Great landings by Japan’s top member.

Kohei: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: It’s also touching to see the Tanaka siblings holding hands with their father.

Kazuhito: It had been awhile since we saw our father, so meeting him gave us a peace of mind.

Interviewer: What did you talk about?

Yusuke: I talked to my older sister (Rie), and she said that if she didn’t make mistakes during the Women’s All Around Finals, then I should treat her to yakiniku (grilled meat). If she made mistakes, then she would treat. It will be a feast.


Interviewer: We would also like to hear what Team Japan thought was a touching moment. 

Kazuhito: My high bar performance in the All Around Finals.

Kohei: Yusuke on still rings during the Team Finals. It wasn’t really about his great performance, but I thought it was touching how much he has become stronger. 

Yusuke: For a superstar to praise me like that, I feel happy.


Ryohei: For me too, it was Yusuke’s landing from still rings. His triumphant expression had his chin jut out all strong (laughs). It was powerful. 

Yusuke: My chin came out like that unconsciously! 

Interviewer: What about you, Yusuke?

Yusuke: When Kohei won and the Japanese anthem played during the victory ceremony - to hear it in London - it was really emotional.


"The society’s perception of the gold medalist, Kohei Uchimura"

Woman: He’s cool! Because he only smiles when he feels happy.

Woman1: He looks like a hardworking person.

Man: He’s refreshing.

Woman2: He seems too good to be true. 

Boy: Kind, handsome and big-hearted. 

Man1: He doesn’t cave in to pressure, it’s great. The bookmaker’s odds of him winning is 1.25, right? That’s a first since Symboli Rudolf (a famous Japanese racehorse). 

Woman3: Uchimura-kun, you can still work harder, right? 

[End video]


Interviewer: These are questions relating to Uchimura’s image. About still working hard…

Kohei: Yes, I want to work hard until I reach my limit. But honestly, my age now is at the peak of gymnastics - from now on, my body may not be as good but I don’t want people to see that. If I can, I want to maintain my strength and see how far my body can take it. 

Interviewer: How about “Hardworking, cool and refreshing”…? 

Kohei: People considered this too much, didn’t they?

Interviewer: What do his teammates think? Does he possess these qualities?

Others: …

Kohei: Hey!


Interviewer: He must have done something kind, surely.

Ryohei: His indirect kindness is like when he takes care of our discipline. I thought that was nice of him. 

Interviewer: Next, about the Tanaka brothers. 


Couple: Good relationship.

Man: It’s amazing that the 3 siblings are in the Olympics.

Woman: I wonder if there’s any rivalry between the two?

[End Video]

Interviewer: How about that? 

Kazuhito: We are brothers, but we’re also rivals.

Yusuke: At the next event, we aim for a one-two finish. Of course, I aim to finish above him.

Interviewer: Do you have a good relationship?

Kazuhito: We don’t have fights.

Interviewer: Never?

Kazuhito: When we first started gymnastics, we almost did. But we don’t want to use our physical strength, except when we’re practicing. 

Yusuke: We also don’t have time to fight, since we’re always doing gymnastics.

Interviewer: The next one is about the team’s youngest member, Ryohei Kato.


Woman: Ikemen! (Pretty guy) Handsome. 

Woman1: [Who’s your type?] Kato. Kato is good-looking, isn’t he?

Man: He seems like someone who cares about his appearance.

[End video]

Ryohei: I put on face lotion after I take a bath. If I look through a magazine and thinks that a certain hairdo looks nice, then I will wear my hair like that. 

Interviewer: Uchimura also took part in the Beijing Olympics, at that time 19 years old. Do you have any words about Kato?

Kohei: If we were to go against each other in the All Around Finals, no doubt he would be my greatest rival since he stands out the most. 

Interviewer: Right now, Kato feels a little touched.


Kohei: Maybe he will walk down a path that is similar to mine…there will be a lot of pain, difficulties and experiences. Even so, I want us to overcome obstacles together. 

"Team Japan was able to show beautiful gymnastics to the world. Now in 4 years time, towards Rio"

Kohei: We were able to do our best because of everyone’s support. Eventhough our team’s aim was to get the gold medal, we will work hard in 4 years and change the color of our medals from silver to gold. Please continue supporting us.

Interviewer: Do you remember anyone’s (encouraging) words to you?

Kohei: Before the All Around Finals, Yusuke said to me that he would be expecting me to win. That gave me chills - like I had to win it.

Yusuke: Really?! My words gave you encouragement? I’m so glad…!


Interviewer: If you hadn’t said it, maybe Kohei wouldn’t have won the gold medal…!

Yusuke: Yeah, maybe…



Koji: Who is Uchimura to me? He is my rival, but he is also a hero to me. So I want him to keep on shining. 

Kohei: I want to leave a good result and bring back a medal for Koji.


Kohei: By leaving good results, I felt that people around me would feel encouraged and energized. From now on, that will be the most important thing for me to think about and try to do my best. 

Interviewer: Uchimura, you have a lot of foreign pins on your ID.

Kohei: I have about 20 of them. At first, I only put up Japanese pins but I’ve asked for some exchange (for foreign ones). The rarest one is from Micronesia.


Interviewer: What are you planning to do (in Japan) when the Olympics are over?

Kazuhito: I want to have wakame (laughs)

Interviewer: What about you, Yusuke?

Yusuke: I’m going to buy a car!

Others: (laughs) Did you even hear the question?

Yusuke: Ah, I wonder what I will do…

Ryohei: I want to rest properly. But the games aren’t over yet, so I shouldn’t be saying that.

Interviewer: What do you bring with you when you’re abroad?

Kazuhito: Chewing gum.

Kohei: Black Thunder (chocolate bar).


Interviewer: Really?

Kohei: Yes.

Yusuke: You brought a whole lot of them.

Kohei: They’re already finished.

Interviewer: So only Kohei ate them, not everybody else…

Kohei: Everybody ate them.

Yusuke: Everybody? (laughs)